Bayelsa Man In Search Of A Physically Challenged Woman To Marry.


One Mr. Denis, a single father of one is in search of an imbecile lady to marry, WonderTV Media reports.

The man who hails from Kolokuma in Bayelsa State has stated that he is looking for an imbecile woman to marry.

According to Mr. Denis, he is willing to marry any lady as long she is an imbecile. He also vowed to take responsibility for the lady once they get married.

The man said in order for him to marry any lady who meets the criteria, the parents of the lady must accept to take care of both him and the lady financially after the wedding and they must pay the sum of ₦500,000 upfront to his account.

Denis stated that men are ashamed to marry physically challenged women but that he “Denis” is ready to marry any physically challenged woman so far her family would take care of them financially.

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