Comedienne Taaooma Tenders An Apology After Being Criticised For Visiting The Vice President


Nigerian comedienne and skit maker, Maryam Apaokagi, known professionally as Taaooma has tendered an apology after being called out over her visit to the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo.

Recall that Taaooma and some of her colleagues had visited the vice president during the week. Taaooma who alleged that their visit was centred on Nigerian youth empowerment, insecurity, police brutality and the general welfare of the citizens was countered by an activist, Rinu Oduala who alleged that the skit makers visited the vice president to promote their Skit Industry Awards.

Taaooma had earlier posted on her social media page about her visit to the vice president.
She wrote:
“Yesterday, I had the chance of meeting with the VP of the federation at the Presidential villa, Abuja.

I urged for the “actual” lifting of the Twitter ban and as well, stressed on the issue of police brutality which hasn’t gotten any bit of change even after all the promises.

I made the presidency understand how important Twitter is for the majority of us (the youths). The SMEs and the very plenty others who make a living via that platform.

The Twitter ban has made so many small scale business crash and disrupted many.

I also made it known to the VP that Police brutality hasn’t stopped and we the youths seem to be the target of that institution. #Endsars was not just to end SARS alone, it was to end all forms of police brutality and irresponsibility.

I hope the assurances I got yesterday will take effect immediately.

However guys, we must know that we the youth make 70% of the population and we have the future in our hands. The next step now is to GET YOUR PVC!!! #ENDSARS #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY #LIFTTWITTERBAN”

Countering the comedienne’s post, Rinu wrote:
“The issue here isn’t about the visit. You asked for audience to see Osinbajo to promote your Skit Industry Awards. You guys are now making it look like you specifically went to talk on behalf of the youths.

If you had some modicum of shame, you wouldn’t have gone, even if it’s to honour your colleague, who was brutalized earlier this year by police officers without apology. I hope you at least asked Osinbajo, ‘who ordered the shootings?’

Talmabout ‘ they are engaging the government’. You didn’t go for any government. You went for your personal interests, then tried to sprinkle it with some performative actions.”

“You went to get assurances from Osinbajo on behalf of the youths, but the youths weren’t even aware you were going there”, Rinu added.

In an apology made on social media by the comedienne, she wrote:
“I’m really sorry if I have offended anyone by going that way, but I achieved my aim. I said all I could straight to the VP. The VP’s media team were in charge of photos and videos, I might have fully declined if I knew that I won’t be able to go with my camera or phone.”

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