Daddy, the people I chose to go far with, have left me behind. MC Morris tells Pastor Sam Adeyemi.


Nigerian comedian, MC Morris has called on his spiritual father, Pastor Sam Adeyemi owning to the advice the clergyman gave him years back.

Recall that, days ago, the comedian called out a Nigerian singer, Simi, for turning her back against him.
The comedian who stated that he was with Simi through her difficult moments and also claimed to be responsible for her’s fame and success said he is disappointed in Simi for not remembering him in her happy moments.

The comedian took to his IG story to update the clergyman, Pastor Sam Adeyemi about the outcome of the advice he ‘Sam Adayemi’ gave him years ago.

According to the comedian, the clergyman, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, told him times without number that if he wants to for fast, he should go alone but if he wants to go far, he should go with people.
Morris claimed the clergyman recommended he goes far, of which the condition to go far is to go with people.
After choosing to go far and with people, Morris said those he went far with have left him behind.

MC Marris also told Pastor Sam Adeyemi to advise the younger generation to go fast and not go far as going far has a consequence.

His text reads:
“@pstSamadeyemi daddy you told me times without number that “if I want to go FAST, I should go alone but if I want to go FAR, I should go with people. (Which you recommended far for me)
I just want to update you that the people I choose to go far with have left me behind.
And if you can pls advice the younger generation to go fast without the option of far.
Cause after you take them far, they will go far away from you.”

In his follow-up post, he said it is time he goes fast rather than go far.

“Time to go fast”, he captioned the post.

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