If You Obey Your Pastor Over Your husband, You Have Committed Spiritual Adultery – Reno


The Former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan advises women on the need to create time for their husbands.
He stated that men have high sex drive than women and women should always make their body available for their men no matter how tired they are or the risk another woman having their husbands.

He further stated that any woman who puts her spiritual leader above her husband has committed a spiritual adultery.

His message reads;
“Understand human biology. Men have higher libidos than women. When you say no, no, no to your husband, you make him vulnerable. Even if work puts you off the mood, still make time for your husband, so others don’t work on him while you are at work! The main duty of a husband and a wife are to each other. Other than God, every other relationship is below that duty. So, honour your husband or wife above your job, boss or pastor. If you obey your pastor over your husband, you have committed spiritual adultery”.

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