Man marries his rice cooker, divorces it four days later


An Indonesian man, Khoirul Anam became the most talked about on the internet in the past few weeks. This came after photos of his wedding to his rice cooker went viral.

Khoirul, on Monday 20th September, shared pictures from his wedding to his rice cooker on Facebook. The pictures which got over seven thousand reactions and over one thousand comments became viral.

In pictures that were made available on social media, Khoirul was seen dressed in traditional white attire while the rice cooker was also decorated with a sheer white veil.
In one of the images, the rice cooker was placed beside Khoirul while he signed the marriage papers. On the other, he was seen kissing the cooker.

In the caption of his post, Khoirul said that he married the rice cooker because it is white, loving and obedient. “Without you, my rice is not cooked”, he said.

Four days after the wedding, Khoirul, in a post on Facebook, announced that he had divorced the rice cooker because it could only cook rice.
“My decision is round.. heavy indeed.. but this is the way I take.. no perfect partner”, he said.

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