Police Officers Give Motorists N57,000 Each As Christmas Gift


Officers from the Ocala Police Department in Florida, United States, have been spotted in a viral video playing Santa Claus.

In a clip gathered by WonderTV Media, an officer stopped a female motorist and said that he is playing the role of Santa Claus and would be blessing her with $100 (N57,000) bill. When the woman heard it, she asked if he was serious.

After giving her the money, the woman who could not really believe what just happened screamed: “Thank you Jesus!”

The video also showed the moment a different officer stopped a motorist at night. He asked if the person had ever had good police encounters. Afterwards, he handed the person another $100 (N57,000).

They did this severally in the clip. At a moment, a policeman approached some women at a place that looked like a park. When he gave them the same amount, they initially thought he was joking. While the police were busy spreading love a few days to Christmas, their bodycams captured everything.

Watch the video below:

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