PR Expert, Chidi Okereke Reveals Why Tems Was Rejected By A Record Label In 2018


A Nigerian PR professional and social media influencer, Chidi Okereke has revealed how Nigerian singer, Tems was rejected by a record label in 2018.

According to Chidi, the singer reached out to him to help her promote her music. After listening to her music, he tried to get a top music executive to help her but the record label turned Tems down, saying she sounds ”Too R&B”.

The PR expert who shared screenshots of his chats with Tems in 2018 and the music executive who was managing Indie Label, said he decided to share the chats to remind us that if we believe strongly in ourselves, the world will catch up to our gift.

He wrote;
“July 2018, Tems messaged me about promoting her music. I checked her out and liked the songs so much that I reached a friend who was managing an Indie label. But the label owner said she sounded too R&B and declined.

Today, Tems is global, rolling with WizKid, Drake & Rihanna. I don’t blame him to be honest. He’d been around enough to know that her sound was going to be a hard sell.

Just sharing this conversation because it’s a reminder that if we believe strongly in ourselves, we should keep striving. The world will catch up to our gift.”

Read his chats below:

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