Reno Omokri Reacts To Police Order To Arrest Organisers Of The Party Where Petrol Was Shared As Souvenir


A former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has reacted to the order by the Nigeria Police Force ‘Lagos State Command’ to arrest the organisers of Chidima Ogbulu’s Installation Party for sharing petrol to guests as souvenirs.

WonderTV Media earlier reported how guests who attended the party were given kegs of petrol as souvenirs.
A video from the event went viral and caught the attention of the Lagos State Government and the Nigeria Police Force, Lagos State Command.

The police, after seeing the video, ordered the arrest of the party organisers.

Mr Reno Omokri took to social media to criticise Muhammadu Buhari’s Administration for the unfair treatment.
While acknowledging that sharing petrol as a souvenir is illegal, Mr Reno questioned why the Nigeria Police Force did not go after those who sprayed money at President Buhari’s daughter’s wedding because the spray of the Naira note is also illegal according to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
His message reads:
“Yes, it is illegal to share petrol in kegs as a party souvenir. But the CBN also made it illegal to spray Naira notes at parties. Naira notes were sprayed at Buhari’s daughter’s wedding. Why arrest the fuel in keg people, and leave Buhari’s daughter’s Naira sprayers?

It was the same thing last year. They charged Naira Marley and Funke Akindele to court for breaching COVID19 protocols, only for Yusuf Buhari’s wedding to be the mother of all COVID19 breaches. But was anyone arrested, much less charged? Look, Buhari is only a little better than Idi Amin!”

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