Some men are scared of beautiful women –Toke Makinwa


Media personality, Toke Makinwa, has encouraged men to be bold enough to woo women, not minding their beauty or success.

Speaking on her vlog series, ‘Toke Moments’, she said, “They (men) have these assumptions that beautiful girls are proud. When one is beautiful and rich, people think that one is arrogant. People assume that one always has guys around one. It’s like fine guys do not even want to talk to one. Little wonder, you see fine guys with ugly girls.

“Guys think that beautiful girls have plenty of admirers and are always busy. That’s is why they don’t ‘shoot their shot’ (ask for a relationship.) But, that is not the case. As a matter of fact, the most beautiful girls are not really chased by men. Some men feel oppressed by a lady’s beauty. Even if a lady has 10 admirers, a man should try his luck, and he could end up being the lucky man. These days think they can do the barest minimum and expect women to fall at their feet. A woman should know her worth, so she does not end up settling for less. A beautiful woman is not arrogant; she simply knows her worth. Some guys also like ugly girls so that they can oppress them and make them feel (worthless). Don’t judge her by what you see. Simply take the bold step to woo her.”

The social media influencer also noted that most of the messages she gets on her Instagram page are pleas for help. She said, “In recent times, the messages I get are of people asking for financial assistance. Nobody even bothers to ask about my wellbeing or give me gifts. Personally, I’m not begging anyone to try their luck; the bold ones will do that. I am just encouraging men to be bold enough to woo a lady, no matter how beautiful she is. Many men have lost the opportunity to be in fine relationships because their egos cannot handle it. This is a huge problem that should be fixed.”

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