Stop linking a woman’s success to men – Nollywood Actress Sonia Ogiri


Nollywood actress Sonia Ogiri has taken to her Instagram page to warn those who like linking a woman’s success to men, WonderTV Media reports.

This came after so much questions and backlash from people concerning her wealth and that of her fellow female colleagues in the industry.

Recall that the actress bought for herself three brand new cars within the space of seven months which the third car was a Rang Rover.

On the Sunday 18th July, 2021 the Nollywood actress made a post on her Instagram page which reads thus;
“Stop tying, connecting a woman’s success, cars, houses, to men. Most of the so called men are hungry these days. 96% of women today are hardworking, I won’t be surprised if some are into yahoo or drugs”.

The post came with a follow-up post which reads;

“Women are winning these days like it or not .
Women now have the heart of lions 🦁 and kings 👑. The desire to have our own money is unquenchable. We look beyond men’s money”.

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