Tanzanian singer, Diamond is living a fake life – Singer’s former manager


Former Diamond Platnumz’s manager Ostaz Juma Na Musoma has urged Tanzanian artists to stop living a lie.

Ostaz, who is known for helping Diamond, PNC, Dogo Janja among a host of other notable Bongo musicians disclosed most celebrities in Tanzania are living a fake life.

Speaking during an interview with Simulizi Na Sauti, Ostaz revealed that many artists pretend to be rich just for showbiz but are broke in real life.

Pointing out Diamond Platnumz as the top celeb on the life with the fakest life ever, Ostaz most big-time celebrities started faking it from way back when he was still managing them. According to Ostaz, they used to inflate performance fees just for PR but take peanuts just but to make ends meet. The former music manager and promoter confirmed that some artists still such in such waters today, with Diamond leading the list.

“These artists should stop faking their lives. Most of them are living a lie just to increase their performance fees. We used to fake our performance fees. We would give a higher figure but take whatever the client offers and this is what most artists do to date, including our number one artist(Diamond)”, Ostaz said.

He insisted that artists should live a real life so as not to mislead young people who want to be like them in the future.

“Our number one artist is living a lie and that is how they have made music to be. You need to fake a lot of things to get to the top. But that is not right. They should just be real and stop giving the young generation false hope”, Ostaz added.

Ostaz’s claims came hot on the heels of Diamond’s latest big purchase.

News about Diamond’s new Blue Rolls Royce was first made public by the musician through Instagram and later by members of his family and employees at Wasafi Media.
In a series of photos posted on Instagram, Diamond could be seen receiving his Rolls Royce in a container and even driving it inside his compound.

The artiste was even heard telling off haters who initially thought he was just bluffing when he revealed he was going to buy a Rolls Royce.

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