Daddy Freeze Tenders An Apology To Nigerians, Says He Has No Power To Deport Anyone


Following the uproar caused by his recent statements, Daddy Freeze has issued a public apology to Nigerians, clarifying that he holds no authority to deport individuals from the UK. In a gesture aimed at diffusing tensions, the media personality expressed regret for any distress his words may have caused.

During a live broadcast on Instagram, Daddy Freeze acknowledged the controversy surrounding his earlier remarks, particularly his threat to report Nigerians living in the UK to authorities and block their visa applications. He admitted that his comments were made in the heat of the moment and lacked consideration for their potential impact.

In his apology, Daddy Freeze emphasized that he does not possess the power to influence immigration policies or deport individuals, reaffirming his commitment to ethical conduct and responsible use of his platform. He expressed remorse for any misunderstanding that may have arisen from his statements and extended his apologies to those who felt aggrieved.

The media personality’s public apology comes amidst ongoing discussions and debates within the Nigerian community regarding the incident. Many have welcomed Daddy Freeze’s gesture of contrition while urging him to be more mindful of the implications of his words in the future.

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