Daddy Freeze Thr*atens To Deport All Nigerians Living In The UK


In a recent live broadcast on Instagram, media personality and pastor, Daddy Freeze, sparked controversy by threatening to report Nigerians living in the UK to authorities and ensure their deportation. This alarming statement came in response to accusations made by a UK-based Nigerian who claimed Daddy Freeze had taken money from her without fulfilling his promises.

The incident unfolded when the individual accused Daddy Freeze of accepting funds from her with the intention of exposing a Nigerian scammer who had allegedly defrauded her and others of £195,000. Daddy Freeze defended himself during the live broadcast, asserting that he had indeed attempted to assist the accuser by featuring her on his program as requested.

However, tensions escalated as Daddy Freeze retaliated by threatening to take action against Nigerians residing in the UK, vowing to report them to authorities and block their visa applications. Such drastic measures were proposed as a response to the accusations leveled against him.

The exchange on Instagram has ignited a heated debate among Nigerians, with many expressing concern over the potential consequences of Daddy Freeze’s threats. Questions have been raised regarding the ethical implications of using one’s platform to wield power over others, particularly in matters involving immigration and legal repercussions.

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