Davido Snubs VeryDarkBlackMan’s Birthday Despite Close Friendship


In a surprising turn of events, Nigerian superstar Davido has conspicuously overlooked the birthday celebrations of his close friend and activist, VeryDarkBlackMan. Despite their reportedly tight bond, Davido has refrained from extending the customary birthday wishes to the prominent figure, leaving many bewildered by the apparent rift between the two. Wonder TV Media earlier reported that Davido recently aired his grievances about VeryDarkBlackMan’s outspoken nature during a phone conversation with radio presenter Daddy Freeze, hinting at a possible strain in their relationship. As VeryDarkBlackMan’s friends, including notable personalities like Tunde Ednut, Cubana Chief Priest and his loyal fan base flood social media with heartfelt birthday greetings, all eyes remain on Davido’s silence. In a bid to capture the singer’s attention, VeryDarkBlackMan took to Instagram, publicly expressing his desire to rendezvous with Davido aboard the singer’s newly acquired private jet. The silence from Davido’s end only fuels speculation about the true state of their once-solid friendship, leaving fans and observers eager for further developments.

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