2023Election: Peter Obi’s supporters take campaign to the next level


With the 2023 general election drawing near, talented Nigerians all across the world have shown how interested and involved they are.

While lots of Nigerians are using various means to campaign for their preferred candidate, some diehard supporters of Mr Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential candidate took theirs to a higher level by carving the presidential candidate’s name and face on their head.

Weekes ago, a diehard supporter of Mr Obi ended her four years relationship with her partner because her partner was not supporting her choice of candidate.

Today a viral video has shown some supporters of the presidential candidate, Peter Obi, carving and designing Obi’s name and face on their heads as a way of campaigning and showing support for the presidential candidate. One of the supporters was spotted with the inscription “Peter Obi 2023” on his head.

Watch the video below:

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