Any Man Who Asks You What You Can Bring To The Table Does Not Have Intention Of Marrying You – Nigerian Lady


In a powerful statement that struck a chord with many, a Nigerian lady spoke out against the infamous “table test” that some men subject women to in the pursuit of love. The lady firmly believes that any man who asks a woman what she brings to the table may not have the best intentions for her. Instead, she advises women to be cautious and steer clear of such individuals, as they might only seek to use and discard them.

With her signature humor and wisdom, the lady emphasized that a responsible man, genuinely looking to build a meaningful future with a lady, would never resort to such tactics. She stressed that every woman has an abundance of qualities and values to offer and it is not a fair measure of love to be judged by what they can “bring to the table.”

Her message resonated deeply, empowering women to know their worth and seek relationships built on mutual respect and understanding. True love, she highlighted, is about cherishing each other’s uniqueness, dreams and aspirations rather than tallying material possessions.

Her heartening advice is a reminder that women should be celebrated for their character, intelligence and inherent qualities, rather than being reduced to superficial questions. Her words have sparked conversations nationwide, encouraging men and women alike to approach relationships with sincerity and authenticity.

In a world that often pressures individuals to fit into predefined roles, her message stands as a rallying cry for embracing true love, free from judgments and unrealistic expectations. As her words reverberate across the nation, women are finding the strength to recognize their inherent value and seek partners who appreciate them for who they are.

In the face of the “table test,” she urges all women to stand tall, assert their worth and choose partners who recognize their greatness beyond materialistic demands. As her empowering message spreads like wildfire, it becomes clear that true love is about finding someone who cherishes the essence of who you are, not just what you have to offer.

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