AY Apologises to Davido over his joke in Warri


Nigerian comedian Ayodeji Richard Makun, popularly known as AY, has issued a heartfelt apology to Nigerian singer David Adeleke, also known as Davido, regarding his recent jokes made in Warri.

During his show in Warri, AY made a joke about Davido’s private parts and alleged involvement in multiple pregnancies, which sparked criticism and backlash.

AY took to his Instagram page to express his regret, stating, “I am deeply sorry for the way I presented that joke in Warri. I can’t even classify it as a joke anymore. It didn’t land well, unlike how it was received during my tour of the US and Canada. I acknowledge that you have every right to be upset, especially considering how the media amplified it.”

He further added, “Please understand that we, in the entertainment industry, are constantly learning and evolving. I take full responsibility for the poorly delivered joke in Warri. I offer no excuses, my Aburo. There is no justification. I remain your biggest fan, and I have immense respect and love for you.”

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