Court Sentences Pastor To Life Imprisonment For Defiling Friend’s Twin Daughters


Micheal Oliseh, the assistant pastor of the Anointed Chosen Vessel Ministry in Okota, Lagos has been sentenced to life imprisonment by an Ikeja Domestic Violence and S3xual Offences Court on Wednesday for defiling his friend’s 12-year-old twin daughters.

Justice Abiola Soladoye while delivering judgment described Oliseh as a “serial rapist” who took turns defiling his friend’s daughters.

Soladoye held that the prosecution had convincingly proved the charges of defilement against Oliseh, 54, beyond any reasonable doubt.

She sentenced Oliseh to life imprisonment on the two-count charge bordering on defilement.

The judge said, “The testimony of the defendant portrayed him as a serial rapist who took turns to defile the survivors.

“What a disloyal and untrustworthy pastor, who shamelessly and audaciously had s3xual intercourse with his friend’s children who were entrusted in his care.

“His conduct is unbecoming of a pastor.

“Having been found guilty as charged with the two offences, the defendant is hereby sentenced to life imprisonment.’’

The judge said that the sentences should run concurrently, adding that should have his name entered in the S3x Offenders Register of the Lagos State Government.

She also berated the parents of the survivors for lack of discipline by sending the survivors to stay with the convict.

Soladoye said, “Parents of the survivors lack discipline and ought not to have sent their children to go stay in Oliseh’s house.

“Children aren’t to be entrusted with rowdy adults. They should be kept in the hands of responsible adults who have their goodwill at heart.

“The need for responsible parenting cannot be overemphasized.”

Five witnesses testified at the trial and also five exhibits were tendered.

According to Mrs Olufunke Adegoke, the prosecution counsel, Oliseh committed the crimes sometime in Nov. 2017 in Ago, near Okota, a suburb of Lagos.

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