“I Slept With My Pastor Too”: Married Mother Of Two Reacts To Viral Pregnant Woman Who Slept With Her Pastor


A mother of two has revealed how sleeping with a pastor helped her to get children of her own. She made the confession while reacting to a viral video of a pregnant woman who was caught in bed with her pastor.

WonderTV Media had earlier posted a viral video of a pregnant woman who was caught by her husband having s3x with a man claimed to be her pastor. There have been a lot of reactions to the video with people sharing their different opinion on the matter.

A mother of two took to Facebook and share her confession with a Facebook user. In her post, she revealed how she was unable to conceive until she met a pastor whom she addressed as her “god on earth”, the man has sex with her and she was able to conceive.

She wrote;
“Madam Ngozi, I like you but please do not put your mouth in things you have no understanding about. Let me tell you this, I am one of the women who benefited from sleeping with her pastor. Some pastor’s carry anointing. I was ttc woman for 7 years and I was introduced to a man who is my god on earth in form of my pastor.

He changed my life and I am rejoicing today. I slept with him and he told me that my womb is opened. That when I get home I should sleep with my husband. And I did today I am mother. When I tried conceiving the second one the enemy came again. And my pastor said no worry. And we did it again, I went back home and slept with my husband and today I’m a mother of two wonderful kids. A boy and a girl. Please do not put mouth insulting any woman believing in her God. That woman was just unlucky she was caught, but her prayer would have been answered if they weren’t interrupted.”

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