If you want to live long and have peace, don’t marry a woman that is heavy on social media – Singer Harrysong


Following the drama between popular singer, 2baba’s wife, Annie Idibia and her husband’s family, a lot of celebrities have reacted to it, condemning the singer’s wife for bringing her marital affairs to social media.

Harrison Tare Okiri, better known by his stage name Harrysong, took to his Insta story to drop a word of advice for young potential husbands.

In his post, he advises young men not to marry a woman who is heavy on social media.

According to singer Harrysong, such women can post anything and everything on social media to attract brands not minding the consequences of such acts.

“If U wan to live long & have peace in UR home as a young man
Do not marry a woman that is heavy on social media, that can’t ve the descresion of wat to post and wat not to post cus everything becomes contents and attracts brands to her

Sawanale O”, the singer posted.

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