If your wife wakes up at 4 AM to cook for you, that food is ….. Reno Omokri


In a heartwarming testament to the power of love and sacrifice, a viral social media post made by Mr Reno Omokri, the former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan is shedding light on a unique morning ritual that has captured the internet’s attention. Reno in his post praises a wife who wakes up at 4 AM to prepare a special meal for her husband, elevating it to more than just sustenance. Mr Reno referred to such act as an “elixir of life” and a “sacrificial offering.”

He goes on to emphasize the profound significance of this early morning gesture, labeling the food as “holy” and a true embodiment of soul food. The recipient of such devotion is hailed as “blessed amongst men” and distinguished as a “baller” for being married to a helper rather than a biller. The message encourages readers to leave discussions about alpha males and feminists aside, asserting that the true essence lies in being a beloved male.

Reno concludes with a poignant reflection, suggesting that, when faced with the choice between being an alpha male and being loved, opting for the latter is a wise decision. The post culminates with warm congratulations and a call to celebrate the unique bond that goes beyond traditional societal norms.

“If your wife genuinely wakes up at 4 AM to cook for you, that food is not just ordinary food. It is an elixir of life. It is holy food. It is a sacrificial offering. A labour of love. The real definition of soul food. You are blessed amongst men. You are married to a helper, not a biller therefore, you are a baller. Leave feminists for Femi. Let Alfa bother about alpha males. You, sir, are beyond an alpha male. You are a beloved male. And if a wise man has to choose between being alpha and being loved, he will select being loved ten out of ten times. Congratulations! Now go and do your jubilations”,he wrote.

This viral expression of love and appreciation serves as a reminder that relationships are multifaceted, transcending stereotypes and expectations. The 4 AM culinary ritual, as described in the post, stands as a beautiful example of the lengths some individuals go to express their love and commitment to their partners, offering a fresh perspective on the dynamics of modern relationships.

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