Imagine Global Ltd: Investors In Tears As Couple Flees With N22 Billion


Panic among Nigerians who invested in Imagine Global Solutions Ltd as they have been left stranded after the couple running the firm reportedly fled Nigeria with funds invested by thousands of customers.

The couple, Bamise and Elizabeth Ajetunmobi, reportedly went into hiding after squandering investors’ money said to be as much as N22 billion, according to social media accounts of investors.

Imagine Global Solutions Ltd claimed to be running a micro lending service to small and medium businesses, offering 22 per cent as interest on loans received and 10 per cent returns to investors.

Several victims on social media detailed how they lost between low five figures to as high as N500 million. A WhatsApp group has been created for those affected by the fraudulent scheme to pony resources towards recovering their investments. A Nairaland forum was also created by the investors.

Imagine Global, which was registered in 2017, stated on its website that it has a customer base of 90,000 Nigerians, but it was unclear how many of them were able to recoup their investments before the Ajetunmobis disappeared. The couple reportedly fled to London, where a branch of Imagine Global was incorporated in August 2019.

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