Lady Makes a Portrait of Ooni of Ife using water sachets.


A Nigerian lady identified as Adejoke Lasisi wow the Ooni of Ife on ….. as she present to him a portrait of the king made with “Pure Water” sachets, WonderTV Media reports.

The young lady who is famous for “recycling sachets” said when she heard she was going to be honoured by the Ooni as one of the South-West MSME Ambassadors, she started thinking of what she could present to the King as a gift in a show of gratitude.

After a long thought, she consulted her team and they all came up with different ideas, she ordered for the leftover sachets in the stores to be brought which were used to make the portrait of the king and their artist came up with an idea of using straws as beads and they made use of them.

The young lady stated that the Ooni of Ife couldn’t believe a portrait of him could be made with “pure water” sachets and straws.

“Kabiyesi kept touching the straws and he couldn’t believe this portrait of him was made from the woven pure water sachets waste and the straws as beads”, the lady said.

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