Married Man Allegedly Beats, Strangles 38-Year-Old Lover To Death In Ondo


A 40-year-old mechanic, Olasunkami Oluwole, has been arrested by the police for allegedly beating and strangling his lover to death, Biola Soyinka at the Oke Igbo community in Ondo state.

Oluwole, married with two children invited Biola, who resides in Lagos to his base in Ondo state on the 3rd of January and camped her outside his home because of his wife.

The pleasurable visit reportedly came to an abrupt end when Oluwole called Biola’s younger sister to inform her sister, Biola had died.

According to a report, Biola’s elder brother, Akeem Jinadu said; “on the 16th of January, we received a call from Oluwole that my sister Biola had passed on.

“When did we ask what happened to her? He said: Biola became unconscious after she slumped at about 4 am on Sunday 16th of January by the time he rushed her to the hospital, the doctors declared her dead.

“When we asked him to bring her corpse back to Lagos he demanded that we send money for transportation.”

He explained that contrary to what Oluwole told the police, Biola’s body has marks obviously sustained from beating. Her neck, face, and body had dark patches because she is a fair complexion. From the state of her corpse it is very oblivious she didn’t die from falling, rather the marks on her body show she was beaten and strangled to death.

Jinadu said: “We are still trying to raise two hundred and fifty thousand naira for her autopsy as demanded by the doctor.”

The suspect was said to have attempted to escape from the hospital after Biola was declared dead before he was caught and handed over to the police, Vanguard reports.

According to another relative of the deceased, said the police are yet to visit the scene of the incident because the family has failed to provide the logistics that they asked for.

“The police asked us to provide logistics for them to go visit the suspect’s house which is the scene of the incident. Since we haven’t given them logistics, they are yet to visit the scene,” the relative said.

The police were said to have assured the family of the deceased that justice will be done and the case has been transferred to the state criminal investigation department in Akure for further investigation.

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