Meet Amou Haji, world’s dirtiest Man Who Hasn’t Bathed in 67 Years.


Amou Haji is the 87-year-old man who hasn’t taken a bath in 67 years. You heard right. The Iranian man spends his days in isolation near a village in the Kermanshah province and has not washed in at least 67 years.

According to locals, Haji is always covered in ash and dirt and has not taken the literal plunge because he’s afraid of water. The 87-year old believes that if he takes a bath he will fall ill.
The old man’s diet also strangely consists of rotten meat products and dead animals. He especially enjoys eating porcupine and smoking his tobacco pipe, India Times reports. Haji sometimes even smokes animal faeces from the old pipe.

The isolated old man decided to live his new found lifestyle after stumbling upon some emotional setbacks in his youth.

Although the old man does not believe in bathing, he reportedly drinks about five litres of water every day from a rusty tin, Indian Times reports. He also keeps his hair trimmed by burning it over fire.

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