Nigerian Man Dragged to Court by Lady he Exposed after She Got N1500 from Him & Failed to Show up at his Place


A Nigerian lady, Kor Saanmoyol Henrietta, has dragged a man she met on social media to Benue Magistrate Court after he called her out on Facebook for failing to show up despite collecting N1500 from him.

Sharing the court document as well as his chats with the lady on Facebook, the man named Luben Terkula accused Kor of defrauding him.

He said she did not only take his N1500 but defrauded him of airtime and data.

Narrating why he dragged her, Lubem said they became good friends on Facebook after a series of chats. According to him, Kor said she had wanted to know him better and this made him send her N1500 to come over as her place wasn’t far from his. Lubem said she had actually told him her transport fare was N500 but he sent an extra N1000 to demonstrate his generosity.

His post read;
“After accepting her Facebook friend request, Defrauded me of N1500, scammed me of recharge card and data.
Kor Saanmoyol Henrietta .
That’s her number 08093429126
I met this girl online, chatted her up and we became good friends but recently i found out that she’s an ugly liar! She said she want to get to know me better in person and I said no wahala but she doesn’t have enough money with her as a generous and honest young man, I ask her how much is her TP from Gboko to Makurdi, she responded N1500 which ordinary is N500 but I consider that as someone visiting u for the first time may needs pocket money while on transit.
After she acknowledged the reciept of bank transfer, booooom she gave me an excuses! on why she won’t be coming on the agreed day again, Second time she came up with another stories that she will surely come this time, she keep on telling stories, this, that and that.
I call her time to time and the ‘bad’ girl kept picking and lying she is on her way already. Gboko – makurdi isnt up to 2hrs if there isnt hold up but my “august visitor” no show and its two weeks already.’
Imagine up till yesterday she was still telling me different stories with ethnic lies.
My boki kaiiii if only I took ur advice seriously, you advice that I should tell Kor Saanmoyol Henrietta to borrow money for her TP, that i will give her back when she arrived but i no listen to a ‘friendly’ advice.
I consulted a high reputational lawyer on what to do, what to say and the consequences if am going to be testifying under oath.
And that am right to take up any ligal action, any lady who request for your money as transport fare to come over, and you send the money, yet she refused to come, sue her by referring to Act 29 SECTION 132 of the criminal code and file a case of defrauding by false pretence against her.
I keep wondering why girls, mostly Gboko girls present themselves as only s3x objects.
Few days ago saw a post on Facebook about whether a Girl can date a guy without asking for Money.
Most of the Benue females responded “can a guy date a girl without asking for S3x”
So the equated S3x to Money. Interesting
This has proved the popular school of thought, that most girls only offer S3x in a relationship.
Girls are still the same people that will say “he used and dumped me”
What’s the used in this context, S3X, S3X…
As if the didn’t enjoy the S3x, probably the guy only benefitted from the S3x.
Many years ago, that was when I was in my 200L Benue State University, I invited a lady to visit me, the first thing she told me was “I don’t have transport, I should send”, I told her, when she comes I will give her Transport money, she was reluctant, but she later agreed, can you believe that immediately she came, she requested for the money before we even started talking anything.
Hardly before most girls can pay the bills when you guys go on date, the hardly pay for anything, nothing, the say to themselves, after all he is fucking me.
So S3x is equated to money. Isn’t this prostitution.
I have had the time to mingle with many girls while in Benue state university and after that of different classes, Tribes and status quo, believe me, it’s the same thing.
Even the so called miss independent, miss Feminist, miss Gender Equality aren’t left out, the just deceive themselves ONLINE, when it matters in REALITY, they are no where to be found.
Some girls are good though, but I’m yet to be in a relationship with one..
I don’t know where I can find them, I just hear about the goodness in them.
Though am still praying 🙏 for the good one to come my way.”

In a separate post, Lubem expressed eagerness to pursue the court case stating that its ‘outcome will be written on the walls of history.’

He wrote;
Officially we are now in court
This event will redefine our generation stake, our inability to share in our responsibility of making our society a better place, dishonesty, fraud and others.
Benue state will go down in history before other state and whatever is the outcome will be written on the walls of history.”

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