“DON’T GIVE THE QUEEN COVID” Cummings warns U.K. Prime Minister


Former adviser to UK Prime Minster Dominic Cummings had warned the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson from going to see Queen Elizabeth II, WonderTV Media reports.

Cummings warned Boris of the possibly risk of transmitting coronavirus to the queen.
According to Cummings, Boris Johnson had planned to meet Queen Elizabeth II during the pandemic despite the risk of transmitting coronavirus.

“The Normal thing on a Wednesday evening is to go and see the queen, and therefore, he was going to see the queen. He said, ‘that’s just what I do every Wednesday. This, I’m going to see her’. So I said to him, there’s people in this office who are isolating. You might have coronavirus. I might have coronavirus. You can’t go to see the queen. What if you go to see her and then give the queen coronavirus? You obviously can’t go”, said Cummings.

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