Find Any Three of these Words in the Scripture and Win $100,000 – Reno


In a bold and unusual challenge, Mr Reno Omokri, former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan has offered to pay $100,000 to anyone who can find three specific words or phrases from a list of twenty within the pages of Scripture. The challenge, which has sparked intrigue and debate among religious circles, has ignited a fresh conversation about the importance of personal interpretation and reliance on religious texts over church doctrines.

The challenge, posted by Mr Reno on his verified Instagram page, lists twenty words and phrases that include “Trinity,” “Christmas,” “Purgatory,” “Limbo,” “Catholic,” “Lent,” “Rapture,” “Christianity,” “Bible,” “Pope,” “Cardinal,” “Rosary,” “Veronica,” “Reverend Father,” “Church Wedding,” “Christening,” “Three wise men,” “Palm Sunday,” “Ash Wednesday,” and “Good Friday.” The premise is simple: find any three of these words or phrases within Scripture and Mr Reno vows to transfer $100,000 into your account on the same day.

This challenge raises questions about the interpretation of religious texts and the place of personal faith in an increasingly organized and doctrinal world. The anonymous challenger encourages people to read the Scriptures from beginning to end, using it as their guide instead of relying on any particular church doctrine. This approach challenges individuals to explore the meaning of their faith on a personal level and emphasizes the importance of a direct connection with sacred texts.

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