Man Calls Out Mummy G.O After A Failed Miracle Challenge


Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo popularly known as Mummy G.O who is popular for her controversial preaching has been called out by an unidentified man after she failed to perform miracles.

According to information gathered by WonderTV Media, the man put on a challenge of healing the sick on Facebook and Mummy G.O accepted the challenge and promised to heal the sick. Trouble set in when Mummy G.O failed the challenge.

In a video making rounds on the internet, Mummy G.O was seen pacing in a church as she was being accused of being fake and not having an explanation for the sick people that have not received healing since the beginning of her programme in the church.

The man speaking in the video further said that she was the one that accepted his challenge on Facebook to hold the church programme and promised to heal sick people.

He also mentioned that he has spent over three hundred thousand naira (N300,000.00) during the programme and everyone that came with an ailment is still suffering from it with no change.

Mummy G.O however could not give an explanation on why the sick people did not get their healings instead, she asked that she should not be videoed by the man.

The man then instructed security personnel to lock the church doors to stop her from leaving until she explained why the sick were not healed.

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