Man finds out who is biological father is after carrying out a DNA test


A 26-year-old man identified has Cameron, has shared an inspiring story of how he met his biological father.

Cameron posted two photos, one depicting a conversation he initiated with his father. The second photo showed him and his father hanging out with their arms across each other’s shoulder.

He captioned the photo:
“How it started vs how it’s going”.

In a thread below the post, Cameron said he did not know about his biological father until he was 18 years old.

According to Cameron, he did a DNA test after turning 26, which confirmed that the man who had raised him was not his biological father.

He wrote;
“I now have two fathers. My father that raised me, is still in my life. I found out about my biological dad when i was 18.
I didn’t actually do a DNA test until I was 26.
Once it came back no probability I reached out to my biological dad”.

Cameron reached out to his biological father through text and informed him that there was a chance he could be his son.

“Hey my name is Cameron. I don’t really know how to to this, I’m just wondering and hoping you and I could have a conversation”, his messages read.

“About what?” His father responded

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