Prophet Isaiah Okechukwu sends cash gift to Pastor Peter Godwin to sympathize with him over his sack by Living Faith Church.


Prophet Isaiah Okechukwu of Fada Fada Adoration Ministries has gifted Pastor Peter Godwin, a former pastor of Living Faith church an undisclosed amount, WonderTV Media reports.

Pastor Godwin was among the recently sacked pastors of the Living Faith church whom the leader of the church termed as “Failures and Unfruitful”.
The Prophet after giving Pastor Godwin the money, took to his social media page to post proof of payment while condemning the sacked of those pastors.

Prophet Isaiah compared Living Faith GO “Bishop David Oyedebo and “Obi Cubana” a businessman, stating that Obi Cubana has empowered the youths in his community with over ₦300,000,000 while Bishop David instead of empowering, renders youths jobless.

His post reads; “One hour after l made the post of the pastor Peter Godwin and 30 others that were fired,They reached out to me.l video called and verified it was him.Credited him and it will be like this according to my promised as God empowers us.
I no rich pass your daddy G.Os
I no be mumu…l dont need your accolades….
If we die now all the Millions for account we no go carry yam go grave.
Na we pray pass
Na we collect Tithe pass
Na we collect seed pass
Na we wicked pass
Its not just to get money but do u have the heart to help genuine people
Obi cubana gave 300 million to the youths in his village and around.Can your Daddy G.O do it? With all the Billions they don pack….
God please help the CHURCH!

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