Reno’s six-months-old daughter, Ebele, does push-ups


A Nigerian human rights activist and lawyer, Rene Omokri has taken to the social media space to share a video of his 6-months-old daughter, Ebele Omokri performing push-ups exercise.

Reno, in a post he shared, his daughter, Ebele, could be seen doing push-ups. Reno said he does push-ups every morning and whenever he does push-ups, his daughter sees and tries to mimic him. Finally, she was able to do it.

On explaining how his daughter of 6-months could perform push-ups, the human rights activist said that his daughter has been on exclusive breastfeeding and has never tasted cow milk.

Mr Reno claimed that not taking cow milk has been the secret behind his daughter’s intelligence and strength.

In a follow-up post, Reno recommended that parents feed their babies with breast milk instead of cow milk.

“My daughter, Ebele, is exclusively breastfed. She has NEVER tasted cow milk. I spend hours each day talking baby talk with her. Everyday, we take her out to enjoy the sun and play. Something my wife and I recommend to one and all”, he said.

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