Tragic Suicide Linked to Betting Post by Daddy Freeze


In a heartbreaking incident, young Nigerian Onoh Chukwuma took his own life after losing a substantial amount on a betting platform. Chukwuma was reportedly influenced by a post from Nigerian-Romanian broadcaster Daddy Freeze, who encouraged Nigerians to bet one thousand naira for a chance to win sixty million naira. Daddy Freeze is known for promoting betting on social media.

Chukwuma, motivated by Daddy Freeze’s post, borrowed one million, two hundred thousand naira, added his own funds, and placed a bet. Devastated by the loss, he succumbed to depression and left a suicide note citing the unbearable shame of debt as the reason for his tragic decision.

This incident sheds light on the potential consequences of promoting high-stakes betting without considering the impact on individuals’ mental health and financial well-being.

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