Video Of Helicopter Accompanying A Train In Nigeria Causes Stir on Social Media


Nigerians on social media have reacted to a video in which a helicopter was accompanying a train to its destination. This is apparently an effort to safeguard the train against bandits’ attacks.

The video which was shared by Echefula Wisdom attracted many negative reactions. According to the reactions that followed the video on Twitter, it is a waste of resources for Nigeria to make use of the helicopter in protecting the train.

According to some commentators, bandits could easily attack the helicopter.

Below are some of the reactions as gathered by WonderTV Media.

The Prince:
This is total nonsense. Why are we wasteful in Nigeria? An helicopter patrolling our rail lines or escorting trains. Who cursed Nigeria? How much is the total maintenance cost of the chopper per trip and how much is the train generating? I really don’t understand why?

Abdul MET:
I’m sorry. This is not a solution. Who’s paying for the helicopter. If it’s just for surveillance, they should use drones.
Use attack helicopters (if available) to eliminate the bandits in their hideouts in the bush.

The next you will hear is that military mistakenly bombed the train. What a gullible set of people in power, very unsustainable and myopic.

iβ~¥ür ®$™:
I think people should just enter the helicopter already instead of wasting fuel for both and no bandits in the air…

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